Lights and Video

Rental of any lighting/video device for your wedding.

Taking care of the technical requirements of your wedding day is certainly not as interesting as other important choices that involve creativity or style; but it can surely make the difference!

Our goal is to help you achieve each of these requirements, in order to give your friends and family a very special moment, without any failure depending from technical issues.

In this section we show you some hints about how to add a special touch to your whole reception: imagine it and we shall help you making it true! Trust in our experience, tell us about your idea and let’s work together towards the best.

So what is missing from your wedding?

Lighting Systems

Besides from single lighting details, such as Fairy Lights or String Lights, we offer complete lighting systems capable of changing the face of a whole location and of your party. High level lights that create breathtaking games, that follow the rhythm of music and change with many colors.

Mirror Balls

A detail that represents history and style: our mirror ball, available in two different sizes with a diameter of 50 or 75 centimeters, is the true symbol of party. Each ball spins in a regular speed, and thanks to the adding of Moving Head lights creates the typical and unforgettable light rain effect.

Special Effects

Are you wondering about how to add an incredible climax effect on your celebration? Why not adding some special effects! We provide cold fountains and machines to shoot confetti, machines capable of producing jets of bright white sparkles on command. This equipment does not produce heat and its use is in maximum safety.

Video Monitors and Projections

The celebration of a wedding is the ideal time to retrace precious memories and moments of the past. Sometimes friends and relatives are unable to be present, entrusting their wishes and affections to a video greeting. In these cases and in all the others where you need to show videos or photos, our monitors and projectors are available! All the technical support necessary to make these moments as well as possible is at your disposal.

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