Bamboo Lampshades

Lamp holders in bamboo wood, with many different shapes and sizes.

Bamboo lampshades have the same setup solutions as our chandeliers, but they reflect a different style more oriented to boho or country. They are available in many different shapes and sizes, and the beauty of this type of lighting lies in the possibility of creating large, varied and breathtaking settings.
They are a solution for lighting the spaces of any location. They can be the heart of the setting dedicated to the dinner, in combination with our String Lights, with the Chandeliers, or arranged on arched supports. They are also an option for lighting lounge areas.
Do you want to decorate and light up your wedding with bamboo lampshades? Contact us to receive our advice.

Bamboo Lampshades on String Lights

Bamboo lampshades can be installed in combination with our String Lights to create a more dynamic and unique setup. The lights are installed in any area of ​​your wedding location, wether if handholds are present or not, and the lampshades are hung on the lights themselves. The different shapes and sizes of this addition create a truly unrepeatable set. A further possibility is to add Chandeliers to this type of setup. Contact us to create a customized lighting project.

Bamboo Lampshades on Portal

An alternative solution is to hang bamboo lampshades on our portal structures. This is an optimal solution if you have chosen to use imperial tables for the wedding dinner. The portals can then be decorated with greenery or floral elements, becoming an integral part of the scenography. The lampshades set up with this solution will mount warm lights and will be arranged in a cascade at different heights along the entire length of the portal. Contact us to find out more!

Bamboo Lampshades on Arch Support

Bamboo lampshades can also be installed on our arch supports. This solution is suitable for any long imperial table, but it is certainly the most suitable for lighting round tables with tablecloths. Each bow has a safety counterweight (positioned under the table so as not to be visible and unobtrusive) and, on request, also with a battery. In this way the lamp can be powered without the need for cables. The arch support can then be decorated with greenery or flowers for a richer setting. Contact us to evaluate the feasibility of this type of lighting.

Here all of the different types of lampshades best suitable for the installation on arch supports:

Bamboo Lampshades in Gazebo

If you have planned the use of a crystal gazebo in planning your wedding, you can opt for its lighting with our bamboo lampshades. The best option is to first create a basic lighting with String Lights, adding later numerous lampshades to create a beautiful effect. Contact us to tell us the dimensions of your gazebo and receive a personalized lighting project.

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