Projections and Mapping

Breathtaking details for a further customization of your wedding venue.

There are many different ways to celebrate the beginning of a special union, creating something beautiful and unrepeatable. One of these is designing a personalized projection just for your wedding! You can write your initials with light, adding customized symbols and frames, projecting the date of your first day as a couple, or even create large bright and colorful scenographies.
Wedding Projection gives you all of these possibilities: add your creativity to make something unique, memorable, your own.
Tell us about your idea and we will offer you all the support you need to make it the best, taking care of every aspect starting from the design.

Monograms & Initials

An amazing idea to celebrate the birth of a special union: combining the initials of the couple in a monogram created specifically for the wedding. Would you like to see your names written in light? Express your unicity with a fine design and let everyone enjoy the result! It is required to send us the graphics ready and in vector format within the necessary time. Get in touch to know more.

Wedding Logos & Symbols

In addition to initials and monograms, it is possible to project wedding logos and symbols of any type, as you wish. The possibilities here too are endless! In addition to the form and content, you can choose how many colors will enrich your personalized projection. Would you like more information or receive our support to plan this service for your wedding? Get in touch!

Architectural Projections

More than the simple projections: with our large projections we can completely transform vast architectural surfaces! Creating completely unrepeatable settings and sceneries: such as the Jungle atmosphere that welcomed the guests to the tropical party in the fantastic location of Il Borro, as seen in the picture and in the video. Get in touch to plan in advance the setting up of a large architectural projection!

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