String Lights

Classic lighting solution for any outdoor wedding.

Our String Lights are a very flexible solution to illuminate spaces in your wedding venue: they can be installed using existing holds in the location or, if needed, our specific supports. They create a warm light directly from above: perfect for the lighting of dining tables, in a simple but also lovely style. They can be the heart of the lighting for your wedding, or a detail focused to a particular area. They can be set up to create large lighting designs, or simply guide guests towards a specific area of ​​the venue.

Using our String Lights we can bring light almost anywhere you need, both indoor and outdoor.
The intensity of the light they produce is adjustable thanks to a dimmer, according to the needs required by timing and the natural light of the location.

Handholds available

In this case we mean the lighting of areas where it is possible to hang our lights on existing elements such as trees, existing inserts in walls, windows grids, etc. These holds allow us to exclude or reduce the number of poles to be used in the installation process. This might be verified with a site inspection.

As always the intensity of the lights can be adjusted to your desire, using a dimmer.
String Lights can also be installed indoors such as halls and lounges. Get in touch and tell us about your idea!

Handholds not available

When the venue does not offer the possibility to hang our String Lights, we can use our special support system with poles and wood paneled plates. In this way it is possible to bring our String Lights in any open area. And it is also possible to create many different lighting designs! Check in with us to know what is possible to arrange in your wedding venue.
The light intensity of our String Lights can be adjusted with a dimmer. Get in touch and tell us about your idea!

On Stretch Tents & Gazebo

Stretch tents, marquees, gazebos and tensile structures always require specific lighting. While it may be useful to start from battery-powered uplighters for Architectural Lighting to decorate the ambience and add color, our String Lights can be installed to complete the lighting set up and efficiently illuminate dining or buffet tables. In this case the structure itself is generally used as support for String Lights. The intensity of lights can be adjusted with a dimmer. Get in touch to receive our support and .

On Dance Floor

If you have chosen our Dance Floor for your wedding Party, then you have one more option: to decorate it with our String Lights! By adding support poles to the corners of the Dance Floor, we can add a bright starry sky effect to the dance area. The light intensity of the bulbs can be adjusted with a dimmer. Get in touch to receive our support and effectively illuminate your Dance Floor.

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