Lighting elements for the decoration of your wedding venue. With many possible combinations.

Chandeliers are an elegant lighting complement. They can be installed almost anywhere thanks to our different support solutions. They can be hung using beams or ceilings, they can be installed on our portals, or they can be used on arch supports. Crystal, Vintage, and Imperial type chandeliers are available: each with different alternatives to choose from, by format and size. On this page you will find useful information to choose your favorite chandeliers, with the support mode most suited to the needs of the wedding venue.

The 12-arm Crystal Chandeliers have an elegant design, warm light and are perfect for lighting up wedding tables. Their light intensity can be adjusted with a dimmer. As for how to set them up, the choices are different. They can be installed in ceilings with suitable hanging points, if available. They can be installed on our portal structures to illuminate imperial tables. They can be used using our arch supports, with the possibility of powering them with battery packs instead of cable. Tell us about your idea and let’s make it happen together!

Our Imperial chandeliers with Shiny Gold finish have a diameter of 65 centimeters. The size and the many luminous inserts make it an element with a stunning visual impact. These chandeliers are perfect for decorating a top table or the area dedicated to the cutting of the cake. The optimal installation method for this type are Arch supports, but they can also be hang to steel cables.

Our Imperial chandeliers with Antique Brass finish are available in two different sizes, with a diameter of 33, 40 or 50 centimeters. These smaller chandeliers are well suited for cluster decorations: many elements installed together and at different heights, as seen in the example photo. The optimal solution to use them in this way are our portals, for the decoration of long imperial tables.

Our Imperial Chandeliers with Antique Gold finish are available with a diameter of 55 or 75 centimeters. This type of chandelier is usually used for the decoration of the cake cut or to illuminate the tables used for dinner. They can be installed in both Portal and Arch supports. Contact us to find out the type of Imperial chandeliers best suited to your location and your style.

Vintage chandeliers have a peculiar style and are composed of supports that mount many Edison bulbs: lamps with unique internal filaments, with many different shapes and very warm light. They are available in round and rectangular versions. The circular version has a diameter of 40 centimeters and is fitted with 13 lamps. These chandeliers are perfect for lighting round tables, thus maintaining harmony in the shapes; but they can also be mounted in series to illuminate an imperial table. We also use our Vintage chandeliers to illuminate and decorate Bar areas, photo booths, buffet tables and much more.

In the rectangular version our Vintage Chandeliers have a size of 100 × 50 centimeters and mount 22 lamps. They are perfect to be fixed over long imperial tables to illuminate dinner and maintain harmony between the shapes of tables and chandeliers. They can adapt to the lighting and decoration of other spaces such as bar areas and buffet tables. Chandeliers of this type in particular can also be set up in series to create the effect of a larger lighting element. For example, by mounting 3 chandeliers one after the other, the result is an element of 300 × 50 centimeters.

Round chandeliers are one of a kind! Available with a diameter of 40 and 50 centimeters, can be set up on arch structures or on portal, or by exploiting possible grips offered by the area where they are installed. They mount lamps that produce a warm light, adjustable with a dimmer.

Bevelled glass chandeliers are composed of a lantern-like metal and glass structure. Perfect for composing mixed and elegant settings, mounted together with other types of chandeliers. They have a diameter of 51 cm and a height of 74 cm. They can be mounted on an arched structure or on a portal, or by exploiting possible grips offered by the area where they are installed. They mount lamps that produce a warm light, adjustable with a dimmer.

On Portals

Our chandeliers can be installed using special self-supporting steel portals. The latter have a height of 3 meters, and adjustable length based on the number of elements used: in this way they adapt perfectly to long imperial tables. The bases of the structure are covered in wood, which can then be covered with tablecloth tables. The steel poles are suitable to be decorated with fabrics, flowers or other natural elements in synergy with other suppliers. Get in touch for more information on this aspect and to book your Portals.

On Arch Support

Chandeliers of all types can be installed using our special steel arch supports. They have a height of 3 meters at the highest point, and a support base with a safety counterweight that can be easily hidden under the tablecloths. The chandeliers in these supports are perfectly suited to both the lighting and decoration of round tables and long imperial tables. In case of round tables, the chandeliers mounted on our arches can powered with special battery packs. In any case, their brightness can be adjusted with a dimmer. The arch support can be decorated with fabrics, flowers and other elements.

Not for dinner only! Our Chandeliers can also be used to illuminate a relaxation area, a Dance Floor, or to decorate the moment of cutting the cake: everything that can meet your requests in terms of lighting design. A creative and new solution to give light to any moment of your reception, with very little space and in complete freedom.

Rooms, Tensile structures and Gazebos

All our chandeliers can be set up in halls and in tensile structures typically used in weddings, such as Gazebos and Stretch Tents. In these conditions, it is usually possible to find handholds to be exploited to hang the chandeliers; in the event that attachment points are missing, we can evaluate other equipment options: contact us to plan them with us.
Crystal chandeliers can be installed in both crystal and drapery gazebos, while the Vintage ones can only be installed in the crystal type.

Cake Cutting decoration

Below a couple of examples of how we can use our chandeliers in this very important moment! The chandeliers can be installed either on an arched support or on holds present above the table.

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