Lighting Decorations

All the possible decorations with our Fairy Lights: for trees, structures, and much more.

There are many ways to decorate details of your wedding venue with LED Fairy Lights. If you want to create large lighting installations such as Fairy Lights Skies or Tunnels, visit the Fairy Lights page. Here you can find everything we can create for smaller decorations: details, but able to add an unforgettable touch to your wedding. The solutions we propose on this page are the most frequently chosen in our weddings, but you can share your idea with us and we will help you make it happen! Do not hesitate to get in touch and ask for our support, let’s make what you are looking for.

Hanging Fairy Lights

The Hanging Fairy Lights are clusters of LED lights, hung using grips offered by the venue or cables arranged specifically for the event. In any case, they are a type of decoration that is perfect for courtyards or indoor environments with high ceilings. It is possible and recommended to increase the visual impact of this service in synergy with other suppliers, for example by adding elements of greenery, thus creating a truly unique effect.
Ask for our support to plan this installation, you will receive all the info and advice you need!

Fairy Lights Cascades

The Fairy Lights waterfalls are made up of several rows of LED lights mounted on a self-supporting structure, with hundreds of single clusters arranged in a fall. The result is warm yet subdued lighting, perfect in combination with table candles. The portals can be decorated with floral elements or with greenery, thus creating a beautiful setting for a wedding dinner. This type of installation can be done in open spaces that do not offer handholds.
To verify the feasibility of our Fairy Lights waterfalls for your wedding, contact us and ask for our support.

Hanging Fairy Lights from Trees

The same hanging lights from the previous point can be set up on trees branches. Trees are often a fundamental part of the wedding venue environment, so why not decorate them in a bright and elegant way? Not all trees lend themselves perfectly to this service: tall branches with free space below and down to the ground are certainly the optimal situation for this type of decoration.
With our support you can decide how to use this service: get in touch!

Wrapped Fairy Lights

Our Wrapped Fairy Lights are a decoration that can adapt to many different situations. On trees they can be wrapped around branches or trunks, as an alternative to the Hanging Fairy Lights. They can decorate architectural elements such as beams and columns, or the supporting structures of tents and gazebos. And there’s a further possibility! Our Tipi Tents: simple wooden structures with Wrapped Fairy Lights. Perfect for setting up and decorating a relax area or photo booth.
Let yourself be inspired by what we have done in the past or tell us your decoration idea with Wrapped Fairy Lights: get in touch!

Fairy Lights Backdrop

A vertical luminous drape of LED Fairy Lights, for a stunning backdrop, to decorate a photo booth area or to highlight the party area where the DJ is positioned. Cascade lights can be installed in many different areas of your location, with simple and space-saving support systems. If you want to decorate one or more areas of your wedding location with Fairy Lights Backdrops, get in touch and ask for our support!

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