Edison Bulbs Lighting

Chandeliers and other lighting solutions with special bulbs.

Our Edison Bulbs lighting includes lighting solutions that feature one-of-a-kind lamps, also known as Edison Bulbs. They have special shapes, and internal filaments that make them a curious and elegant detail. The light they give off is pleasantly warm and intense. An original way to bright up and decor wedding tables, if you are looking for a peculiar setup. The Edison Bulbs chandeliers, available in round and rectangular version, can be decorated with flowers or other elements. They can also be arranged in clusters so that the visual effect they create may be even better. The intensity of Edison Bulbs lights can be adjusted with a dimmer.


Our Edison Bulbs strings are perfect for illuminating and decorating long wedding tables. This type of lighting is paired with our special steel support poles, and is particularly suitable for rectangular tables with a length of 6 or more meters. The intensity of the light can be adjusted with a dimmer. Get in touch for more information and to book your Vintage Illuminations.

On Portals

Our Edison Bulbs can be installed on portals, modular metal structures. They can be adapted to the length of any type of imperial table, and are very stable thanks to our poles with counterweights. The bases are positioned at the ends of each table so as not to get in the way. Once the structure and the lamps have been installed, it is possible to decorate each portal and its bases with flowers or other types of greenery. Each structure is in black painted steel, so as to be discreet and non-invasive in the overall setup. Get in touch to receive all the information and to plan your Vintage lighting with Portali with us.

On Pergola

Edison Bulbs can be mounted on wooden pergolas. They can be adapted to the length of any imperial or rectangular-shaped table. They give you the possibility to create more intricate installations, using a greater number of Vintage lamps, greenery, flowers, or other decorative elements. Get in touch to check availability and to receive our advice on planning a wooden Pergola with Vintage lamps for your wedding.

Vintage Chandeliers

Another way to employ our Edison Bulbs are Vintage Chandeliers. They are available in two types: circular or rectangular. The Circular Vintage Chandeliers have a diameter of 40 centimeters and mount 13 bulbs, they are suitable for illuminating and decorating both round tables and long imperial tables. The rectangular Vintage Chandeliers have dimensions of 100×50 centimeters and mount 22 bulbs, they are perfect for illuminating long tables or for decorating bar areas. Both types of chandeliers can be decorated with flowers or greenery, while the intensity of the light emitted can be adjusted with a dimmer.

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