Fairy Lights

Light curtains made of thousands of Fairy Lights, for breathtaking set ups.

Our Fairy Lights are chains of light made up of small LED bulbs, those typically used for Christmas decorations. They are the most flexible lighting decorative element, and also the most suitable for new creations. They can be employed in many different ways, but on this page we will show you the largest and most illuminating installations: Starry Skies, Curtains of Lights, Fairy Lights Tunnels, and so on. For all other uses of our Fairy Lights you can check out the Decorations page: there you will find inspiration regarding lighting of tree trunks, Tipi tents, falling Fairy Lights and ribbons of light.
Here are our most elaborate and jaw-dropping lighting structures, to celebrate your wedding under a bright drape made of stars.

Fairy Lights Sky

The Fairy Lights Sky is a lighting installation with a great visual impact: a ceiling of lights that can be created in many shapes and adaptable to the spaces in which it is set up. This is an excellent solution for creating large areas of light, thus preserving maximum freedom in the arrangement of the tables on the dining area. The Fairy Lights Sky is composed by an upper side: the addition of another lateral side creates the Curtain of Lights, and with two sides we have the Fairy Lights Tunnel (see below).
The Fairy Lights Sky can be made in canopy format, in the case a support pole is required in the center. Additional lighting and decorative elements can be added, such as Crystal or Imperial chandeliers.
It can be set up using the grips offered by the chosen space (for example an internal courtyard) or anywhere thanks to our support system with poles and counterweights.
Get in touch to receive our support, we will design your own Fairy Lights Sky.

Fairy Lights Sky with Curtain

Our Fairy Lights Sky can include a lights curtain on one side. This is an interesting design detail, which can meet your style or simply adapt to your wedding venue, as in the photo sample (see below). When the wedding dinner takes place on the side of buildings or walls the Fairy Lights tent is certainly a setup to consider. It can be enhanced by other lighting elements, such as architectural lighting and Chandeliers. Get in touch for more information.

Tunnel Of Fairy Lights

The Fairy Lights Tunnel is a variant of our Fairy Lights Sky, made of the upper side and two additional side drapes that create the tunnel effect. The Fairy Lights Tunnel is a particularly suitable solution to illuminate long imperial tables, or to decorate an area of ​​your wedding location that develops mainly in length. The Tunnel is always installed with the use of our self-supporting steel structures.
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Rooms, Stretch Tents & Gazebo

If you have chosen a tensile structure or an indoor space for your wedding dinner, you can still book a Fairy Lights Sky decoration to illuminate it!
In case of a tensile structure, such as tents and gazebos, to install a Fairy Lights Sky it’s usually possible employing of the grips offered naturally by the structure. If the decoration needs to be set up in an internal room, fixing options can be different: get in touch for assistance and to receive all of the important information for planning a Fairy Lights Sky in these cases.

On the Dance Floor

Have you decided to go for one of our Dance Floors to host the dances of the party? Then you have one more option: to decorate the dance floor with our Fairy Lights! By adding support poles to the corners of the Dance Floor, we can add a luminous pergola effect to the dancing area. The support structure can be made of different materials. Get in touch to receive all the info to effectively illuminate your Dance Floor.

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