Wedding Party DJ

Each wedding has its own style which reflects the personality and the wishes of the newlywed, but above all each wedding is a party for them, who are the only protagonists, and for their guests who share their emotions.

A wedding DJ has to create the right atmosphere by music which needs to have the right volume and be adapted to the situation too. The prerogative of a wedding DJ is to understand people and situation giving a custom-made support in the choice of your playlist and in the music entertainment you wish. A good music background can emphasize the emotions and involve everybody.

Our objective is to give you the wedding day you have always wished making use of our experience, professionalism, creativeness and avant-garde instruments. It is important for us to know your tastes and needs so that we can offer you the best services. We want everything to be perfect just for the most important day of your life.


DJ + Sax + Drums

Our DJ’s performance can be enriched with a saxophonist for a wider sound and a percussionist for a stronger rhythm: the best set for a real show!


DJ + Sax

Adding a live performance to your Party DJ is a choice of style and image. With a saxophonist it is possible to explore different sounds and styles.


DJ + Violin

When the ceremony is over and the party begins… Our violin performers can switch to a much more energetic play and give a new touch to the DJ’s performance!


A party professional, experienced and fresh, able to meet your requests if you know what kind of vibes you wish for your dances, or to get in the flow and be guided by the party’s mood.

Audio Systems

Standard Audio Set-Up

All you need to start an unforgettable party! Our standard system includes a pair of 12” speakers, which can be positioned on stands for perfect diffusion. The standard package also includes the rental of a wireless microphone, essential for speeches and announcements. A DJ booth is also included in the service, a professional DJ booth in aluminum with black or white fabric cover.

Top Audio Set-Up

Looking for a richer sound and a stronger beat? With our Top system, sound quality takes a big step forward!

The standard pair of 12” speakers are joined by 2 subwoofers for maximum bass expression, giving your guests the most complete and engaging musical experience possible. Also includes the rental of a wireless microphone and a specific support station for the DJ, our DJ booth.

Lighting Systems

Standard Disco Lights Set-Up

Disco lights that allow you to bring the party wherever you like it. Each of our audio systems can be combined with STANDARD disco lights: 4 RGB LED points on an adjustable floor lamp, to color a medium dance area. These lights have many colors and features, including the feature to change color together with the music’s beat. The basic set for a party.

Top Disco Lights Set-Up

To the right volume music we add a real show of color and light. The Top lights set adds 2 moving heads to the STANDARD set up. These lights can reproduce many light shapes with different colors and moves. These are installed on aluminum support structures which can then be illuminated or covered with fabric, available in white or black. A truly professional level scenography!

Premium Disco Lights Set-Up

For an even higher level party we provide our Premium lighting systems. The show is created by 4 moving heads, each positioned on support columns (illuminated or covered with white or black fabric). This is the best set for a dancing party! Each wedding venue has it’s own potential and differences when planning this type of set: please ask for our assistance in order to arrange the best party ever.


Mirror ball

If the dance party has a symbol, that is certainly the mirror ball! A unique and unrepeatable lighting effect that combines vintage and modernity. Our spheres are available in two sizes: 50 and 75 cm (diameter). Both versions are motorized for regular and constant rotation. Each mirror ball is supplied together with two spot lights to create the desired scenographic effect; they work even better with our moving head lights: ask us about them!

Dance floor

A perfect platform to welcome your guests’ dances, with a huge choice in terms of style. If you want to create a perfectly defined disco area, safe and that matches the mood of your wedding, here is our Dancefloor. It can be placed on different types of terrain to obtain a smooth surface, both indoors and outdoors. Ask for a technical advice and choose your favorite finish for your Dancefloor.

DJ Booth

A DJ service is professional when different requirements are satisfied: a tidy station is one of them. Our DJ Booth is the perfect solution to give a clean space to this performer, wether he or she is one of your trust or provided by us. The standard Booth is an aluminum structure covered with black or white fabric. It is also available in its illuminated version for an even more precious design.

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