Fabric Lampshades

Velvet, Macrame, and more

Fabric lampshades are perfect for decorating and illuminating in a chic, elegant style. They are available in many finishes and in many different colors: ask our support and we will create your setup, according to the palette chosen for the wedding. Among the available models there are velvet lampshades with a smooth texture, with fringes, and in macrame.
The fabric lampshades can be set up on our arched supports or on the portals – both structures can then be decorated with greenery or floral compositions. They are also suitable for being set up in clusters made up of several lampshades, for an even more impactful effect.

Macrame Lampshades

Our Macrame Lampshades are available in white tone, with gold-colored edge 0n top. One model is made of one level or circle of macrame – the other has three. See the images below for clarity. They create a warm, soft light, and they are perfect for a boho-chic styled wedding. Our suggestion is to set them up on arches or portals if outdoor.
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Velvet Lampshades

Our velvet lampshades have a simple round shape and are available in different colors: Bordeaux red, Antique pink, Golden yellow, Cobalt blue. They can be combined together (see photos below) or selected by single color. They are perfect for an elegant style wedding, obviously in accordance to the selected color palette.
Contact us to check if your colors are available.

Fringe Velvet Lampshades

Fringe velvet lampshades come in different shapes and colors, to mix and match for a warm-colored setup. They have various shapes and sizes, so the suggested setup is mainly indoor where there’s a possibility to hang them from the ceiling. In this way, the resulting cluster effect can be stunning. Suggested for late season weddings.
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