Battery Lighting

Lighting solutions with free standing devices: no cables needed

In this section you can check out all of our lighting solutions that make use of battery systems instead of cables. This choice can be guided by an aesthetic need, a practical one, or both. This type of lighting is an option for round dining tables, buffet or confetti tables, lighting of garden areas or path. Lighting duration granted!
See all the available options and ask for our support if you have any question or request.

Battery Lamps

Our battery lamps are available in transparent or chrome model. A perfect solution to illuminate the tables with a warm and soft light, with the possibility of a very quick set-up. They can be a nice option both for lighting dining, buffet or confetti tables. With the chrome version, the light can be adjusted both in color and intensity, and the lamps themselves can be setup in two different heights. Contact us to check the availability of our battery lamps!

Chandeliers on Arch support

Our Chandeliers on Arch support can be battery powered, to create completely free-standing points of light. This type of solution is recommended in the case of round tables covered with tablecloths: the support plate and battery are positioned under, so they don’t create an obstruction and are not visible. The same solution can be chosen to illuminate a lounge area or a table dedicated to the cutting of the wedding cake. In addition to all our chandelier models, our Bamboo lampshades can also be installed in the battery-powered arc support.

Contact us to check the availability of our battery-powered Arco chandeliers.

Street Lamps

Our Street Lamps are a perfect solution for outdoor lighting. If the outside spaces of your wedding venue need additional generic lighting, for example if you need to brighten pathways, gardens or parking areas, the Street Lamps are a good choice. They have a simple design that integrates easily into any environment without clashing. For all information and to check availability, get in touch!

Also available in the battery powered version.

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