Tables Lighting

Lighting solutions for wedding dinner tables, buffets or confetti tables.

Whether it’s where the guests sit, where a buffet is arranged, where wedding favors are placed or for any other need, the lighting of the tables is a central aspect and affects both technical and aesthetic questions. Therefore it is important to dedicate the right time to choose how to illuminate the tables that will be used, in many different ways, for your reception.
Serve a spot light to illuminate the table with a detail to put in the center, for example the wedding cake? Do you want to give light to the buffet tables with LED lights and a modern design? Or decorate the center of each dinner table with elegant Kartell lamps? Below you will find this and more, but do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or requests!

Spot Lighting

Spot lighting is a type of lighting that involves the use of headlights capable of creating intense and concentrated light in one point (spot), which can be narrowed or enlarged through an optic. This are small lights and can be installed on existing supports thanks to clips and other attachments (eg the structure of a gazebo) or which are positioned ad hoc: stands.
The spot lights are particularly suitable for lighting the cake cutting moment.

Battery Powered Lamps

An alternative solution to spot lighting from above. Our Battery table lamps are available in two different types: transparent Kartell or chromed TableDW.
Kartell lamps have a refined design and are an excellent solution for lighting round wedding tables.
The chrome TableDW are LED lights adjustable in color and intensity. The stem of each lamp can be adjusted to two heights so as to diffuse the light in two different ways or simply change its look by creating different combinations of lamps at different heights.

Chandeliers on Arch Supports

Chandeliers on arch supports are another solution for the lighting of your wedding tables. Our supports are in grey steel, have a height of 3 meters and a solid support base that can be easily hidden under the tablecloth tables. This type of lighting is suitable for both long imperial tables and round tables: in the latter case it is also possible to provide a battery power system. The light of all our chandeliers on arched support is adjustable in intensity thanks to the use of dimmers. Visit our Chandeliers section to choose the type that best suits your style. Each arch support can be decorated with flowers or other elements.

Edison Bulbs on Pergola

Another possibility for lighting wedding tables: our wooden pergola with Edison Bulbs. A bright scenography that includes many super-bright lamps, able to create a warm and intense light, adjustable through a dimmer. They are arranged in three parallel rows thus resulting in a very rich set up. The upper part of the structure also lends itself to decoration with flowers or other natural elements as can be seen in the photo, completing the installation.

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