Tables Lighting

The lighting of tables is a field that involves design and technical issues, wether you are planning the setting of dining, buffet, or confetti tables. Each one in your wedding reception needs light, and we offer you many different solutions to bring it while sticking to your style. The major difference among this lighting devices is if they are to be place directly on the table (lamps) or above them (spotlights and others). Have a look.

Spot Lighting

A beautiful way to illuminate tables, with a unique effect that recalls stage lighting. Spotlights produce an intense and focused ray: they are perfect to highlight special moments (like the cake table) but it is possible to plan the whole set with this headlights.

Battery Powered Lamps

Small lamps that make atmosphere, elegant, dimmable and even colored: our smartest solution! Two different models are available: the Kartell lamps, bright and stylish, perfect for dining tables; TableDW cromate, with adjustable height, light color and intensity, controlled by remote.

Crystal Chandelier on Arch

Crystal chandeliers can be installed using arched steel supports, 3 meters height and with a support base that can be hidden under the table. It fits both rectangular tables (not less than 120cm wide) and round tables, both tablecloths. Possibility of BATTERY POWER SUPPLY system, with light intensity control provided by a wifi dimmer, without the need for wiring between the tables. The arch support can be decorated with natural or floral elements.

Vintage Bulbs on Pergola

A stunning set: we can use our Vintage lamps on special steel pergola structures, supplied by us. In this way, vintage lights can be mounted with other decorative elements, such as flowers or greenery details, creating more articulated settings. Contact us to find out about the possibilities offered by our Vintage lighting pergola.

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