String Lights

A trendy, functional and elegant detail to light up the atmosphere of your reception.

Light can make an outdoor or indoor area more valuable exalting its shapes and creating a soft magic atmosphere. The locations will be transformed by real light drawings.
The string lights allow to stage spaces in a very creative way. Just over the tables, outdoor, indoor, linked to fabrics they are able to create essential romantic sets and matching colours.

Whatever your wishes are, we will pay attention to your needs and we will be able to create a suggestive and elegant atmosphere make any location more valuable. Your wedding day will become an indelible memory for you and your guests.

Handholds present

very often in wedding locations the spaces used can naturally offer handholds that can allow us to install our String Lights. Indoor environments, courts and courtyards, gardens with trees, are likely to offer holds to this kind of lighting.

Handholds not present

installing our string lights in open spaces or wherever natural handholds are absent, is possible thanks to our special steel poles and supports. They allow us to mount String Lights in open areas and without constraints on the design. Specific wooden tops are applied on the base of our steel supports: needed preserving the underlying soil if the location chosen is a lawn or grass field.

Stretch Tents / Gazebo

if you are planning to use a gazebo or a stretch tent, then how to illuminate these spaces will be a crucial issue. Our String Lights can be an efficient solution in this case as well.

Dance Floor

if you like the style of our String Lights and you have chosen to have a Dance Floor for your party, why not putting both services in synergy? Thanks to special supports we are able to place our lights above the surface of the footboard, creating a nice pergola effect.

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