Do you want to show off your love in a big way?
Let our giant letter lights say it for you!

Astonish your guests and let them speechless with the newest light from letter lights.

Standing at an impressive 120 cm tall and 60 cm wide, letter lights can make the difference.
Your big day will remain in everybody’s memories thanks to these huge letter light which will shine bright throughout the whole day and night creating that fabulous mood you have always wished for the most important day of your life.

Letter lights are perfect whatever the theme of your wedding and can be located everywhere and used as décor or as an exciting prop for you wedding tables creating fantastic photographic opportunities for your photo booth. They will underlight the most important moments of your wedding day like the wedding cake cutting and the first dance.

We know how much you want to make your special day perfect so we are ready to help you finding the best placement. If you want to add a little personalization to your big day letter lights are just what you have been looking for.

Hire straightaway our suggestive “L.O.V.E”!

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