Letter Lights and Symbols

Bright and unique embellishments: the perfect opportunity for an unforgettable brand-new couple pic!

To plan a wedding’s lighting involves both technical and stylistic choices. Among our services we offer some details that can help you create funny, unforgettable, engaging moments for each of your guests. The decorations that we present here have this purpose: adding a personal touch and make your special day truly yours.

Luminous Letters and Symbols to compose personal writings: the initials of your names, Mr & Mrs, the word Love, stars and so much more.

We can also produce personalized neon lights, a stylish detail with a sure visual impact.

Lastly, we can assemble even more complex settings, integrating breathtaking scenic elements with lighting details: such as the Neon Cube or the suspended Moon. Check it out!

We know how much you want to make your special day perfect so we are ready to help you finding the best placement. If you want to add a little personalization to your big day letter lights are just what you have been looking for.

Hire straightaway our suggestive “L.O.V.E”!

Letter Lights

Luminous letters are a very versatile decorative element. An original choice to create a photo booth corner, a background detail, or simply write “love” once more!

Our letters are well mixed into the frame of a wedding with all other types of bright or floral decorations, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, they mount lamps that offer a pleasant and warm light.

They have a height of 120 cm and are white in color.

It is possible to reproduce every letter of the alphabet, numbers, &s.

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Neon Signs

Another trendy element in wedding lighting is the use of personalized neon lights. To indicate a bar area, to write your name in a colorful and imaginative way. We can produce these small artworks just for you! Contact us and let’s talk about your idea.

Light Symbols

Creating a fantastic Photo Booth area requires imagination and creativity. Among the decorations that we can provide for this and other light design purposes, these details can make your venue even more unique: ask us for advice and check with us the availability of luminous symbols.

Neon Cube

 For maximum creativity, for truly unforgettable pics, we can create special metal structures illuminated with neon tubes in different shapes. For a truly inimitable scenography! Please contact us for more info.


 A theatrical touch! A decorative element of great impact, a fantasy outside the box: this is our suspended Moon. Let’s check together the possibility of installing it in the location of your wedding.

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