Fairy Lights

An embrace of lights to decorate trees and structures, or to create unique lighting scenes.

Hanging fairy lights are true magic.

They are called “fairy tree” if installed on the branches of a tree: they become like drops of light that hang from the sky, giving the location a dream atmosphere and cosy lighting, perfect if you are dreaming about a romantic wedding.

They are perfect to frame paths along tree-lined streets: our fairy lights will touch you and follow your steps creating a soft and charming atmosphere.

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Fairy Lights Sky

the starry sky is a luminous setting with a stunning visual impact: a vault of light, available in different shapes, adaptable according to the space in which it has to be placed. It is an optimal solution to create very large lighting areas, while saving freedom in the arrangement of tables; it can be installed using handholds present in the area, or by using our special supports. The starry sky can be integrated with other lighting elements such as, for example, our Crystal chandeliers.

Tunnel Of Fairy Lights

the Fairy Lights Tunnel is an alternative version of our Starry Sky. With the use of special support structures and thousands of LED bulbs, we can create your own lighting path. This solution as well can be applied using existing handholds in the area or thanks to our special supports. Perfect for long tables! Contact us for more information and to evaluate the best option for your Light Tunnel.

Rooms / Tents / Gazebo

Fairy Lights can be used to create a soft illumination under the vault of structures typically employed in wedding receptions, such as gazebo, any kind of tent, and in ceilings. They pair perfectly together with other architectural lighting solutions.

Dance Floor

if you like the style of our Fairy Lights and you have chosen to have a Dance Floor for your party, why not putting both services in synergy? Thanks to special supports we are able to place our lights above the surface of the footboard, creating a nice pergola effect.

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