In this section you can find inspiration for other uses of our Fairy Lights, different from bigger installations such as Tunnels and Vaults. Fantasy is the keyword for this kind of lights, that can be hanged in clusters, on trees or using metal wires. They can become a bright curtain, to be placed wherever you like. They can be wrapped around tree trunks or architectural elements such as columns. They can become luminous strings or torchons that fly through your wedding venue. Have a look and find your favorite, or tell us about your personal idea!

Hanging Fairy Lights

Small bunches of Fairy Lights hanging from above, mixed with natural elements to make a great set, are a very elegant solution for decorating your wedding venue. Especially if the core moments are to be celebrated in courtyards that offer good handholds for the supporting wires. Can be used indoor spaces as well.

Hanging Fairy Lights from Trees

In gardens or opens spaces, another possibility can be to hang Fairy Lights on trees branches or foliage. Many venues have plants that fit perfectly for this kind of decoration. Check with us if you have questions about how to decorate trees with lights.

Fairy Lights Curtain

A detail with a great visual effect! With a Fairy Lights curtain you can create the background for a band or a DJ, a soft separation between areas, or a great photo booth zone.

Wrapped Fairy Lights

Like when it’s Christmas, but bigger and better! To wrap Fairy Lights around elements is a typical decoration. We can help you making it a beautiful detail where you want it. Now available in our special Tipi Tents set up: a basic decor if you wish to create a chill out zone or a nice photo boot area, with an innovative look that fits perfectly weddings in Country or Boho style.

Strings Of Fairy Lights

Another effect that can be created with this small LED lights. Similar to our String Lights: softer light without a cable in sight. This kind of lighting needs handholds to be hanged on, so please check with us if your wedding’s location offers them.

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