An element that can help create the style of your receptions, illuminating the spaces effectively.

Our chandeliers can be installed in different ways and in this sense offer many solutions: using existing handholds or our special structures.

Our chandeliers are available in two types: Crystal and Vintage.

Crystal Chandeliers are an elegant lighting element for your wedding. 12-arm Cystal Chandeliers making them spread a warm light that can be adjusted with a dimmer.

Empire Crystal Chandeliers are the most elegant version available of our hanging chandeliers. Hundreds of light-reflecting elements make this items very luminous, both for indoor and outdoor positioning. Warm light adjustable in intensity.

Vintage Chandeliers are composed by groups of Edison Bulbs, with different shapes and at different heights. They are available in a round and in a rectangular shape. In the round version they have a diameter of 40 centimeters and mount 13 Edison Bulbs. This version can be used above any kind of table; a good choice can be to preserve shapes harmony: if you have round tables why not having round Chandeliers?

For long tables or to decor other areas like the Bar zone. Again a choice of shape harmony can be oriented to this version of Chandeliers if wedding tables are rectangular. This kind of Chandeliers can be mounted next to each other in a row, resulting as one bigger element and a real Edison Bulbs tangle!

Which version is of your choice?


crystal chandeliers can be installed using metal portals, in order to be correctly positioned over tables, at the right height. The support structures have height 3 meters, adjustable length (max 6 meters). Portals can then be decorated with floral elements or following your inspiration.

Arch Support

with this solution our chandeliers can be placed freely in the setting chosen for them. They can cast light on a single table or being used to create a more creative display. Arch supports can as well be decorated using other elements.

Not for dinner only: our Crystal Chandeliers on Arch can be used to bright up any relax area, cake table, buffet, and much more. A creative solution to make light above any moment of your reception, while preserving the functionality of stand that is positioned under the table.

Rooms / Gazebo

both Crystal and Vintage chandeliers can find their space under structures typically used in weddings receptions. Many options available in order to illuminate them: using our chandeliers is certainly practical, functional, and elegant. Crystal chandeliers can be installed in Crystal gazebo and in draped-top tents. Vintage chandeliers can be installed only in crystal gazebo.

Customized Chandeliers

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