Lighting Balloon & Street Lamps

Lighting elements that are perfect to spread light in outdoor areas such as gardens and pathways

The Lighting Balloon and our Street Lamps are lighting elements for outdoor spaces. The Balloon creates a very intense and diffused light, ideal for large grass fields or similar. Moreover, it is something you don’t get to see every day! Our Street Lamps, on the other hand, are perfect for improving the lighting of avenues and pathways. They have a simple design and can be battery powered. Choose the type of outdoor lighting you like the most!

Lighting Balloon

The Lighting Balloon is an element that fulfills two functions: illuminating a large area below it, while amazing everyone with its indisputable stunning look!
A unique point of light of its kind, borrowed from the world of theater to land in the one of weddings, perfect for the illumination of many different locations. The light it spreads is powerful, covering a large area. But it is also softened by the fabric of the balloon so as not to disturb anyone in its vicinity. The overall brightness can be controlled with a dimmer. Get in touch to check the availability and feasibility of installing a Lighting Balloon in your wedding venue!

Street Lamps

Our Street Lamps are a perfect solution for outdoor lighting. If the outside spaces of your wedding venue need additional generic lighting, for example if you need to brighten pathways, gardens or parking areas, the Street Lamps are a good choice. They have a simple design that integrates easily into any environment without clashing. For all information and to check availability, get in touch!

Also available in the battery powered version.

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