Lighting Balloon and Street Lamps

Elegant and functional lighting details, perfect for outdoor environments.

To create light in outdoor environments where you have to deal with large spaces, we offer the Lighting Balloon and the Street Lamps. Both solutions are suitable for creating light in a homogeneous and diffuse way, albeit with some differences.

Lighting Balloon

The Lighting Balloon is a decorative element, unusual and capable of performing two tasks: creating a diffused and homogeneous light in a large space, and successfully decor with its height!

A unique light point of its kind, which lends itself to being used in many contexts and locations, even if it finds its most suitable location in large spaces such as gardens and courtyards.

The light it spreads is at the same time powerful, and capable of illuminating a large surface, but also soft, so diffused as to avoid annoying those present. The intensity of the light can be adjusted thanks to a dimmer. The Lighting Balloon is typically used outdoors. Check availability and feasibility of its installation: contact us!

Street Lamps

 Our Street Lamps are an outside lighting that lends itself to many uses. They can be employed to highlight a path, or to illuminate the set of an outside dinner or aperitif. Their design makes them perfect for creating a refined setting, decorating gardens and outdoor spaces otherwise lacking in lighting.

Also available with battery power!

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